Blue Doe

Name: Rosie

Nicknames: Rosie Girl, Ro-Ro, Roo

Our Pedigreed Name: HBF's Bluebell 

Birthday: February 16, 2019

Color: Blue

Favorite Activities: Eating, head rubs, playing in the tunnel, chewing on willow balls and sticks 

Favorite Foods: Rolled Oats, Dandelion, Banana and Parsley 

Personality Traits: She is very mellow and sweet. She always come running up for head rubs and treats. She is pretty good about being handled but isn’t the best either. Most bunnies just prefer to keep their feet on the ground and we respect that. She can be found most days lounging around her play area and loves to go on the occasional trip to play outside. She is a very good mom and has produced some of our sweetest babies.