Frosty Doe

Name: Luna 

Nicknames: Luna Girl, Loony, Loony Tunes 

Pedigreed Name: Wildflower Fields Rabbitry Frosty

Birthday: February 16, 2019

Color: Frosty

Favorite Activities: Munching on hay, playing outside in the grass, chewing on sticks and pine cones

Favorite Foods: Rolled Oats, Banana and Hay

Personality Traits: Luna is so sweet. She loves to be active but can also be such a love bug. She always gives the boys and I lots of bunny kisses.  She adores treats, eating out of our hands and some head rubs but does not care much for being held. She loves play time where she can run and binky around. She is my best hay eater! She is also an AMAZING mom. She is very nurturing and I can tell she is the happiest when she is surrounded by lots of little paws ( as exhausting as that can be!)