Agouti - A fur color pattern that involves rings of color on the hair shaft. 

BEW - Blue-eyed white. A white bunny with blue eyes resulting from two Vienna genes.  

Binky - When a bunny is running around and jumps and twists in a very happy fashion. 

Broken - A color description. It refers to a white rabbit with patches of colors. 

Buck - A male rabbit. 

Dam - A female that has produced offspring. 

Doe - A female rabbit. 

Kit - A baby rabbit. 

Cecotropes - Grape-like clusters of tiny, moist, shiny poo balls that your rabbit will ingest. Think of them as probiotics for bunnies. They usually produce and eat them at night. 

Chinning - Rabbits have scent glands under their chin. They will mark other items or people with their chins to put their individual scent on it so that other bunnies will know you are claimed. This is known as chinning and they all normally do this to any object they want to claim for themselves or to mark as part of their territory. Basically saying "MINE". 

Crepuscular - Means being most active at dawn and at dusk.  

Dwarf Rabbit - A rabbit weighing under 5 pounds is considered a dwarf rabbit. They come in various breeds and colors. 

False Drawf - A Holland Lop that doesn't carry the dwarf gene. They have all the same characteristics but may be slightly larger in size. 

Flopping - When your bunny is totally happy and they just flop over on his or her side, letting their belly hang out and their eyes roll into the back of their head - this is a bunny flop and things don’t get much better then this for a bun! 

Junior - A Holland Lop that is 6 month of age or younger.

Kindling/Kindled - When a doe gives birth.

Kisses - When a rabbit licks you. A great sign of affection. 

Litter - A group of babies born in one birth.

Peanut - A bunny with two dwarf genes, which is a fatal combination. 

Pedigreed - A written record of a rabbits ancestors, going back at least three generations.

REW - Red-eyed-whiteA white rabbit with red eyes, albino. 

Senior - A Holland lop that has reached maturity, they are 6 months or older.

Sire - A male rabbit that has produced offspring.   

Thumping - When a rabbit is startled or afraid of something, it will thump or stomp it’s hind legs on the ground making a loud thumping noise. This is to warn other rabbits to be on alert.  

Tort - Short for tortoiseshell, the most prevalent Holland Lop fur color. They come in varieties of black, blue, lilac and chocolate.  

True Dwarf - A Holland lop that has one dwarf gene. They are smaller and have rounder bodies and heads. These typically make better show bunnies. 

Vienna - A gene that causes blue eyes and white markings. You may see VM (Vienna Marked) or VC (Vienna Carrier) on pedigrees.